Monday, August 22, 2011

Gaddafi son Seif alive, well, and free in Tripoli/Tarabulus

Just turned on CNN, the John King show, that large woman, Candy sthg? anchoring, had reporter by phone from Tripoli, who said he’d spoken to Seif al Islam a little earlier. Seif was riding in a white armored Land Rover, part of a convoy of military vehicles, stopped at the hotel where this reporter was outside. On being told that Gaddafi fils was in the Landrover, stopped nearby, the reporter approached the car, knocked on the window, ID’d himself and asked if Seif was inside if he’d roll down the window so reporter could verify.
So the window was rolled down, Seif in good mood, said Our plan is working, we’ve sucked them in and are now about to break the back of the rebellion, took time so CNN camera could tape a couple of shots, then rolled up window and took off with convoy.
Reporter said there was a large Tebel presence in Tripoli, but no sign of them where he was.

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